Geomancer at Indigo

written by Ruud van Asseldonk

During the past half year at IGAD, I and my team have built the game Geomancer, a chess-like game which is played by altering the game world. The game will be presented at the Dutch game festival Indigo next week.

(an overview of Geomancer)

Indigo is an annual event organised by the Dutch Game Garden, where game developers can showcase their games. Our team has been allowed to showcase Geomancer here.

(a picture of a soldier under attack by a mage)

Geomancer — the result of fourteen days of gamelab — is a strategic game for two players. Characters can modify the terrain by moving hexagons up or down. This will damage hostile characters, while characters will be more gentle to their own team. By building staircases and walls, the opponent is forced to think ahead, and choose his moves strategically.

(a picture of a mage in move mode)

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