Yaose is now
free software

written by Ruud van Asseldonk

After a long time in which I have had little time to work on Yaose, I decided that it would be better to make Yaose free software. This way, users do not have to wait for me.

Almost a year after previewing an alpha version, not much had changed. This is a shame, because I think Yaose has great potential. Therefore, the source code of Yaose is now freely available.

The source code for Yaose is, however, slightly messy, and not organised very well. At first, I wanted to sort this out before releasing the source to the public. I realised that this would take a lot of time, and that it would take even longer to get a new version of Yaose out. I could also spend that time on developing useful features. Therefore, I decided to release the code at this point, maybe slightly messy.

Get it at Gitorious:

$ git clone git://gitorious.org/yaose/yaose.git

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